Vesna Ciganek-Vukovic


“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

About Me

I am an experienced manager and executive with a proven track record of success in leading teams and driving results in large companies with international background.

Throughout my career, I have honed my managerial skills, developing a deep understanding of what it takes to motivate and engage individuals at all levels of an organization.


My Vision

I believe that by empowering individuals with the skills and confidence they need to succeed, we can create a more prosperous and fulfilling society.

My Mission

I am committed to building strong, collaborative relationships with my clients and providing them with the tools and guidance they need to succeed.

Core Values

At the heart of my coaching philosophy are collaboration, empathy, grow and excellence. I bring a unique combination of managerial and coaching experience.

More About Me

My professional experience is related to the financial industry, where I have worked for many years, gaining significant expertise and establishing myself as a skilled expert in the field of corporate finance, investment banking, risk management, financial business analysis, and restructuring. I have been extremely dedicated and motivated in a job that I considered a dream come true, and I particularly enjoyed working with people, brainstorming, and finding solutions for complex situations. Along with the development of my professional competencies, my managerial career has also evolved. As a member of the management board of one of the leading financial institutions at that time, I found myself on the list of the most powerful women in Croatian business.

A special privilege for me was the business collaboration with clients, entrepreneurs, and leaders in various industries and business sizes, from small business owners to top executives of multinational companies. I can also say that I have witnessed and supported the development of leaders of now prominent regional corporations from their early stages. I take pride in their achievements, and my own experience has been enriched by conducting detailed business analyses and assessments, as well as through personal contacts and collaboration. I have gained insights into the background of these successes, the tactics employed, as well as the personal characteristics and values of the leaders behind these accomplishments.

Dreams come with nightmares too, yes, there were crisis situations. With the passage of time, we look at them from a different perspective and can grasp their true dimensions. By analyzing the root causes of problems, we can understand how we managed such situations, what we succeeded in, and what could be improved. Another valuable experience that I can share and preparing others for effective crisis management in various situations.

In addition to the skills and experience I have acquired; I strongly believe in continuous learning and professional development. I actively seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and keep up with trends and advancements in the business world. Therefore, I previously chose, and now I am conducting further education and training in the field of coaching, I enrolled in one of the internationally recognized coaching certification programs. I am confident in my ability to adapt to changing circumstances and make a positive contribution to any team, organization, or individual in a business environment.

I have an excellent understanding of business processes, demanding decision-making levels, the functioning of complex matrix organizations, the specificities of various professional profiles, as well as the managers and leaders of different management models and characteristics. I believe that with my experience and knowledge, I can help and contribute to a smoother work environment and an easier, less challenging career path for young and promising managers or any individual struggling with demanding work goals and a challenging environment.

I look forward to every new meeting and collaboration.

Coaching Code of Ethics

    • I will not knowingly misrepresent my knowledge or expertise either publicly or privately, and I will be transparent regarding my education, certifications, and other qualifications.

    • I will hold all discussions with my clients in the strictest confidence, except where doing so may cause harm to others.

    • I will not provide information or advice that I do not believe in or that I would not personally follow.

    • I will honor all agreements with my clients and others, including contracts, scheduling, and assigned tasks.

    • I will not knowingly take any monetary, professional or other advantage of any coach/client relationship.

    • I will conduct myself in accordance with this code of ethics whenever I am engaged in any coaching relationship or capacity.

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